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A simple Gmail scheduler app that can be used to schedule mails for a specific date and time

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Stegos Grayfia

A password manager that uses Image steganography

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Water checker

Water Level Check

A system that controls water motor based on the water level in sump and tank

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Speedyblackman is an AI built with the help of vision based deep learning implemented to make the car in NFS rivals autonomous

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remote switch

Mobile controlled switch

The design of this project was to control an electrical switch using a smartphone.

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Anime Classifier

AnimeClassifier is a webapp which is made to classify top 5 characters from top 4 anime. The data was collected with the help of scraping and trained on ResNet50

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Dere Net

DereNet is a webapp which is made to classify the type of "dere" of an anime girl

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Music Downloader


A python application that downloads songs. Uses ffmpeg to convert the downloaded songs to mp3 or FLAC based on the users' choice.

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le datalocker

Data Locker


A command line tool to encrypt/decrypt text/csv files. The encryption algorithms are custom-built.

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TwitterStalker.png XD

Twitter Stalker

A web application that analyzes twitter data and creates statistical projections through graphs and charts with the help of dash.

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*insert sentibot.png*

Sentiment Analysis bot

Senti bot helps a user to analyse the sentiments of the last 100 tweets for a particular keyword entered.

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*doge go brr*

Dog Vision

I did this project for learning basics in deep learning. It takes a dog image as an input and prints an image with a predicted breed.

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git details

Get Git Details

GetGitDetails is a webapp which makes use of Github API and displays the avatar, username, name and bio.

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